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nameImperial Post Office

  • book_read "Manual"

    Receiving Mail ----------------------- Open the mailbox and get the scrolls, read them by applying. Sending Mail ----------------------- Get a pencil and be sure that you are able to use the literacy skill. You can get both at the office, ask Colette for help. Get a preaddressed mailscroll, mark it and write on it with: use_skill inscription <text> You can write multiple lines, when done drop the scroll in the mailbox and it will be send.

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  • scroll "Prospectus"

    Imperial Post Services ----------------------- Thank you for choosing the IPS to take care of your messages. Want to get more ? We have a wide range of products and services to offer to anyone. Pirate ? Try our TalkParrots(tm) ! Beholder ? Enjoy our fabulous non-stereoscopical cards ! And don't forget: The Empire Is Everywhere For You

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