Creator: Gnat the Gnu Email: Date: Thu Mar 23 01:53:30 1995

nameKlondor's Wand Shop

  • smith "wizard, Klondor" face => wizard.x11

    @match butakis|fortress You need to know the password to enter the fortress. Otherwise it's going to be very dangerous. @match password Oh, Well. You don't seem to me like a bad person; so I will tell you the password. It's "windwalk". But don't tell anyone else. There is already enough trouble these days. Especially some thieves start to cause them in the fortress. @match thief|thieves Yes. I heard there is a new found thief guild called the ebony tiger. They have infiltrated into the fortress. Lord Butakis is trying to root them out. The guildmaster and guild itself is unknown to me or anyone I know. @match * Take your time to pick the wands you want. If you have anything want me to identify, drop 20 gold for each. Otherwise if you want to ask about specific thing, be precise

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