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nameHigh Court Building

  • guildmaster "Court Master Kurte"

    @match quest Praise God someone is here to save us. We are being overrun by damned creatures that stalk the night. So far we have been able to take care of them, but we cannot find their source. I charge you with finding the source and stoping it, with any means might start with talking to that good for nothing High Wizzard of ours, Wizzo, you will find him in his shop, he may know something about the dead that plague us. @match necromancy why do you ask about that vile art of magic, it is banned because our previous High Wizard practiced it regularly. Bringing forth vile creatures. But we put a stop to him, threw him in prison we did. @match wizzo Yes that Wizzo is a good for nothing Leach, oh he was of some use to the city until he opened his shop. He is more entrepinour than wizzard now. @match * @addtopic quest|necromancy I would like to help you, but I am very busy, you must be very specific.

  • cobblestones2 "cobblestones"
  • warrior_1 "Staff Sgt. MacDonald"

    @match quest So you are the ones who think they can get rid of these smugglers...well we have tried and they keep coming back. Well you might want to talk to the Dwarven priests in the church, they do know something that they won't tell us, something about being worthy @match smugglers What a vile bunch they are those smugglers, with many allies @match allies Aye, some say they are in league with Devils @match priests Well if ya want ta know about them...go ask them yourself @match * @addtopic quest I'm Staff Sgt. MacDonald, what can I do for ya.

  • chair_3.2 "chair"
  • cobblestones2 "cobblestones"