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  • diploma "Death Certificate" identified => 1 lore => These Certificates are used to note your deaths.

    You died and bought this Certificate. Collect 33 and get a backdoor key to Life!

    name_pl => Death Certificates nrof => 33 startequip => 1 unpaid => 1 value => 50 weight => 1
  • key2_blue "Key to Life" identified => 1 lore => This key can be used to unlock the Door to Life. It is heavy with destiny, and the gods take it as soon as it leaves your possession. name_pl => Keys to Life slaying => life436 startequip => 1 unique => 1 value => 50 weight => 10000
  • teleporter "" _comment => connected => 1 hp => 47 invisible => 1 sp => 29 speed => 0
  • sign "Nimbus angel" face => angel.x11

    @match Key To Life @cond my $cnt = 0; map { $cnt += $_->nrof } grep { $_->name =~ /Death Certificate/ } $who->inv; $cnt >= 33 @eval my $cnt = 33; map { my $acnt = $cnt - $_->nrof; $_->decrease ($cnt) if $cnt >= 0; $cnt = $acnt; } grep { $_->name =~ /Death Certificate/ } $who->inv; @trigger 1 1 Ok, here is your Key To Life! I've put it on the ground to the right of me. You will find the Backdoor to Life in the hallway you get to when you trip on a mine. Have a safe trip back to life! @match Key To Life I'm sorry, but you don't have 33 death certificates in your inventory! @match * @addtopic Key To Life Hello, what did you came for? Probably you want the Key To Life? Or just a small after death smalltalk?

  • Nimground1 "Nimbus"
  • shop_empty "tiles" invisible => 1
  • dungeon_magic "no_spells" _comment =>
  • unholy_ground "unholy ground"
  • lostlabring2 "ring of Calling Death" identified => 1

    @match Death|death Yeah, what is it? I'm retired now, don't you know? @match retired|Retired I retired. Nowadays everyone just comes back to life. That darn Gaea ruined my job. @match Gaea|gaea Gaea created the nimbus. It brings everyone back to life at some point. Hey, how'd you get this number anyway? @match gift|shop|Zadoks|gift shop There's a gift shop in the nimbus now? Crazy kids... @match * Wha? Hello? Who is this? Why am I hearing you? This is Death.

    name_pl => rings of Calling Death path_attuned => 262144 resist_death => 5 unpaid => 1 value => 2500
  • Nimground1 "Nimbus"
  • shop_empty "tiles" invisible => 1
  • dungeon_magic "no_spells" _comment =>
  • unholy_ground "unholy ground"
  • book_read "manual of Minesweeper" identified => 1

    Minesweeper is a game that comes with most versions of Microsoft Windows, and it is a game that requires logic, and a bit of luck. The objective is to make sure you do not hit a 'bomb' space, which will make you lose the game and the experience you lost when you died. If you manage to avoid hitting bombs until you uncover all the spaces that I<aren't> bombs, you win the game and you get your experience back. To start, all you need to do is to apply one of the question marks. Most likely, this will be an empty space, and it will automatically apply all adjacent spaces, which might be more empty spaces, and sets off a chain reaction. If one of the adjacent spaces are flowers, the flower-space will not apply adjacent spaces, because one of them is always a bomb. Sometimes, the starting space will be a flower, and you have to try and start on another space, preferably away from the flower. More rarely, the starting space will be a bomb, and you lose the game. However, this almost never happens. If you hit an empty space, the real game begins. The number of flowers in a tile represent how many bombs are I<one> space next to it, in all eight directions, or 'adjacent' to it. That will be your biggest help. If you look at all the flowers, you can determine which spaces are bombs. You can mark these spaces with items, if you want, or some of the markers below this manual. It is not required, however. For example, the most common bomb, or mine, you will most likely see is a bomb that is surrounded entirely by white singular flowers. This is because there are no bombs next to the flowers, except for the one they surround. Remember, the flowers are generated by the bombs. Without the bombs, there would be no flowers. Think of it as if the bombs are generated first, and then the spaces react, the number of flowers changing to how many bombs were generated next to it. One important quality to play minesweeper is patience. If you are patient, and think about the flowers, you will know which spaces are bombs. Rarely, there are situations that require luck, but these are very scarce. I wouldn't say that your game requires luck if you can't figure out where the mines are within five minutes. There is free food in the nimbus, and a savebed, so you can take all the time you want.

    name_pl => manuals of Minesweeper no_pick => 1 value => 20 weight => 5000
  • gostone_b "marker" face => gem.x11 identified => 1 name_pl => markers nrof => 50 title => of Minesweeper value => 0 weight => 1
  • Nimground1 "Nimbus"
  • doubledemilich "Zadoks" ac => -36 can_see_in_dark => 1 con => 5 dam => 80 exp => 0 friendly => 0 level => 40 monster => 0

    @match gift shop Yes, I started this gift shop. It's the perfect place to set up a shop. Every adventurer passes by here, probably multiple times. And adventurers mean money! @match nimbus|here This is the nimbus, a place Gaea has created to give almost everyone a second chance. This is why noone ever stays dead. You can play a little game of minesweeper to regain your experience from life, too. @match money Yeah, you might wonder, "What would a doubledemilich want with money?" For me, the answer is the exact same reason I became a doubldemilich in the first place: To become more powerful. I could hire some minions, or maybe pay some group of mages to research more spells... @match Gaea Gaea, the Mother of everything. She doesn't like us undead that much. But she doesn't seem to really care, or maybe, notice, that I started a gift shop and made a backdoor to life. @match backdoor You can get the Key to the backdoor by collecting 33 of my Death Certificates. @match * Hello, welcome to my little gift shop.

    pow => 16 resist_death => 100 resist_deplete => 100 resist_ghosthit => 100 resist_physical => 60 speed => 0.8 stand_still => 1 unaggressive => 1 wc => -26
  • light4 "light"
  • dungeon_magic "no_spells" _comment =>
  • Nimground1 "Nimbus"
  • shop_empty "tiles" invisible => 1
  • dungeon_magic "no_spells" _comment =>
  • unholy_ground "unholy ground"
  • magic_mouth "voice" food => 1

    Choose your steps with care and have a closer look at the nice flowers! Count their number on each space. The word of the day is "minesweeper". [This works very similar to the popular game of minesweeper: you apply fields marked as "?" to uncover safe spots. The number of flower heads indicates the number of unsafe spots/mines in the vicinity of that field. As soon as you uncover a mine you lose, as soon as you uncover all safe spots, you win. If you are completely confused now, just apply "?" fields until you get out]

  • dungeon_magic "no_spells" _comment =>
  • nimfloor0101 "Nimbus"
  • unholy_ground "unholy ground"